Monday, September 26, 2011

Donate: MtG Trader

We've just added a donation version of MtG Trader. A donation is USD 0.99. Prices are slightly higher in Norway (NOK 6.00), Denmark (DKK 6.00), Sweden (SEK 7.00), Switzerland (CHF 1.00), and Japan (JPY 99), due to minimum price requirements from Google. Purchases may not be made from Taiwan.

If you purchase the donation version, you can launch the app from either version of the app—if you try to launch the donation version, the regular version will launch (assuming you have it installed). If you don't have the regular/free version, the Android Market will launch, taking you to the download page. As you might expect, this drastically reduces the size of the donation download; just 9.6kb compared to the 74kb of the regular version.

Please, donate today!

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